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A Few Words from Our Owners

Our team of geologists and prospectors offer quality Colorado and international minerals that will excite you, and at prices that will amaze you!

In 2012, Elizabeth Simmons, PhD., rounded up a group of volunteers from Friends of Dinosaur Ridge, and produced the award winning documentary “ARTHUR LAKES: DISCOVERING DINOSAURS.”  Following that production, Dr. Simmons had an extensive collection props which needed disposing. Linda Cronoble, one of the volunteers on the production, suggested renting space within an antique mall. The search for an appropriate location in February 2013 led them to Heirloom Antiques, where a group of four geologists: Linda Cronoble, Elizabeth Simmons, Martin Lockley, and Larry Jankowski, committed to renting a small space for six months. However, due to the popularity of the props, plus the quality rocks, minerals, and fossils the quartet offered, necessitated significantly more space. In August 2012, the location 2300 Kipling Street, formerly Body Lodgics, seemed the perfect location with just the right atmosphere. Since then, five more vendors have joined our happy family, and the original staff of Body Lodgics: Marie Anderson (Hairdresser) and Gloria Martinez (Massage Therapist) remain on the premises. Rustic Relics Crystals, Antiques, and Gifts is currently owned and managed by Linda Barton Cronoble and her husband Jim Cronoble.
History of Rustic Relics